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Gliser Fuentes Mena


My first school: (my home).


Gliser began to be positively influenced from her first months of life, where her  father confessed:


"This is my masterpiece."


Studied at the San Alejandro School of Fine Arts (1994).


Have participated in various collective and personal exhibitions over the years, with prizes and mentions in different events and contests.


Cuban Artist, born in Havana City on September 22, 1968.


Born in a family where she enjoys the privilege of having as a father a sculptor and as elder brother, a painter, sculptor and ceramist, this means that from her childhood she was surrounded by brushes, colors, clay, lathes, ebony gouges and ivory.






                                                     4134 Johnson st. High Point. NC 27265.

                                                     (336) 4064397




2004- Interior Decorating. Diploma with Highest Honors. Stratford Career Institute. Washington DC.

2002-Interior Decorating: (Beginning)

          -Faux Finishing. Forsyth Technical Community College. Winston Salem. NC 

1995- Advertising Communication Course. AHS. Havana City. Cuba. 

1994- Graduated from the School of Fine Arts, San Alejandro. Havana City. Cuba. 

1986- Graduated in Bachelor of Science and Letters from the IPUEC Republica de Venezuela. Güines. Havana province. Cuba. 



2023- “The Witnesses of your Song”. St Mary’s Music Academy. High Point, NC.

2022- “Arte Latino Now 2022: Virtual Exhibition, Performance and Readings at Queens University of Charlotte, NC. Curatorship: Michele Shaul, Professor/Chair Department of World Languages. Director, Center Latino Studies at Queen University of Charlotte.

2020- “Break Out” (Series 1: Masking). LA Art Documents. “I’m not afraid to die”. Series explores how artists from around the world respond to the pandemic.  

2020- 5th Annual Artist’s Choice Art  Exhibition. February 2020. Fusion Art LLC, founded by award winning Fine Artist, Chris Hoffman & Valerie Hoffman. Palm Springs, CA 92263. 

2019- “Oneself” The Armory Show and the Chashama Gala in Time Square. SeeMe 

Community. Manhattan. New York. 

2019- “3rd Annual Black & White" International Art Exhibition.. (Traditional Category). Fusion Art LLC. 

2019- “Latino Arts” (Collective Exhibition) Curated by the Apex Latino Arts Festival. Halle Cultural Arts Center. Apex. N.C 

2019-  5th Annual Figures & Faces Art Competition. October 2019, (Traditional Category) online art competition. Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Spring, CA92263. 

2017- “Community Canvas”. A collaborative visual arts exhibition featuring artwork from members of Associated Artists of Winston-Salem and Hispanic Arts Initiative. NC. 251 N Spruce St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101. 

2017- “Spring for the Arts 2017”. The Milton Roads Center for the Arts. 251 Spruce St N, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

2016- “Arts for the Summer” Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. 251 Spruce St N, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 

2016- “Creative Reflections”. Keener Gallery. Allegacy Headquarters at 1691 Westbrook Plaza Drive. Winston Salem. N.C 

2016- “Puntos de Vistas”.  Hispanic Arts Initiative to Sponsor Third Annual Art Exhibit at the Delta Arts Center.  Initiative’s Executive Director: María H. Sánchez-Boudy. New Walkertown Road, Winston Salem. NC. 

2015- Art Work at YICCA. International Contest of Contemporary Arts. Italy. 

Marban,Magally Marrero, Jakie Perez, Tony Wagner, Monica Zarate. Calle 8. Miami. FL. 

1997- "The African in Postmodernity”.Concha Ferrant Gallery. Havana City. Cuba. Conferences:  

-Dr. Lazara Menendez. 

-Lic. Magda I. Gonzalez Mora. 

Prof. Raimundo Respall. 

1997- “ARS Moriendi”. Theme: Death. Curators: Lic. Adriel Gomez Mesa, Lic. Yaima Sotolongo de las Cuevas, Lic. Luis Mario Guerra Veliz.Art Center: 23 and 12. Ciuda Havana. Cuba 

1994-"Direct Thread”. Collateral Exhibition to the Fifth Biennial of Havana. Gallery: Cervando Cabrera. Havana City. Cuba. 

1993- Sculptural exhibition at the IV artistic teaching meeting. Convention Palace. Havana City. Cuba. 

1993- Environmental Sculpture at the Placental Histotherapy Center. Directed by the sculptor: Ramon Casas. 

1992- 175th Anniversary of the Academy of Arts "San Alejandro". Art Center 23 and 12. Havana City. Cuba. 

1992- Within the framework of the IV Biennial of Havana. Gallery: San Alejandro. Havana City. Cuba. 

1991- "No Title".Within the framework of the 138th Anniversary of the birth of Jose Martí and the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the School of Fine Arts, San Alejandro.House of the Obrapia. Catalog Edition: Liana Pazos. Old Havana. Cuba. 



2023- “Arte Latino Now 2023: Virtual Exhibition, Performance and Readings at Queens University of Charlotte, NC. Curatorship: Michele Shaul, Professor/Chair Department of World Languages. Director, Center Latino Studies at Queen University of Charlotte.

2020-“Arts Save Humanity”. (International community and art competition for visual artists). Virtual Gallery. New York. 

Curated by: 

-   Jerry Saltz, critic at New York Magazine 

-   Marine Tanguy, CEO/founder at MT Art Agency 

-   Ariel Adkins, curator at Twitter 

-   Poppy Simpson, curatorial leader at Meural 

-   Brendan Ciecko, CEO/founder at Museum See/me Community. 

2020- “Women’s Movement”. Art by, About and for Women,” Exhibition celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which granted women the right to vote. Nigra Arts Center. Gloversville, NY.  

2019- “Violence Transformed”. (Inequality and the abuse of power by the powerful). The Mayor's Gallery, Fifth Floor. City Hall Square, Boston, MA 02201. Curator: Hope Ricciardi. 2018- “AAWS Artist Spotlight” (Juried Member Showcase of Associated Artists of Winston Salem). Womble Carlyle Gallery. Winston Salem. NC. 

President NAWA: Jill Cliffer Baratta.  

2016- “Dimensions 2016” Womble Carlyle Gallery at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in Downtown Winston-Salem, NC, the City of Arts and Innovation. (Recognized Mention). 

2015- “Life Migrations of the Americas”. Arts Festival. Centro Latino office complex, 1208 10th Avenue South, City of Tacoma. Washington. Jurors: Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State Arts Commission and City of Tacoma Art Program. 

2017- “Unity Through Diversity” 2017 Latin Arts Festival. Juried Art Show and Film Contest. Centro Latino 1208 South 10th Street Tacoma

Latin Arts Festival and Juried Art Show and Film Contest is to promote cross-cultural understanding of Latin American cultures and traditions. Exhibition Organizer: Susan Martin. 

1998- II National Competition P.M.A in action. Center for the Development of Visual Arts. Juror: Niurka Mejias.  Sponsors: Culture Ministry, UNEAC, Center for the Development of Visual Arts. Havana City. Cuba. 

1998- Salon: Eduardo Abela. Havana province. Cuba. 1998- Contest March 13. Gallery: Sala Talia. Havana City. Cuba 

1998- Contest "S.O.S  La Salud". Havana province. Cuba. 

1998- "Naked Nudity". IV Erotic Art Salon. Juror: Lic. Alberto Hernandez Sanchez. Director: Lic. Pablo Rigal Collado. Catalog Edition: Lic. Victor Fowler. Fayad Jamis Gallery. Havana City. Cuba. 

1998- Salon: Small Format. XXX Anniversary Gallery L (University Extension). Technical

Organization, Curatorship, Design and Assembly: Lic. Fernando Torres, Lic. Sergio L Hernandez. Vedado. 

1997- "The Individual and his Memory". Art Gallery October 10. Collateral Exhibition to the sixth Biennial of Havana. Technical organization and assembly: Iluminada Rodriguez, Orlando Boffil. Havana City. Cuba. 

1997- Salon "The African in Postmodernity". Gallery: Concha Ferrant. Havana City. Cuba. 

1997- Salon Aristides Fernandez. Havana Province. Cuba.

1997- Contest sponsored by the French firm "Facconnable". The Acacia Gallery Havana City. Cuba. 

1996- Salon de La Ciudad XI edition. Juror: Corina Matamoros, Betsabe Rodriguez, Tony 

Piñera, Luis Gomez, Gustavo Valdez. Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design. Luz y Oficios. Ciudad Habana. Cuba. 

1995- "The Historical Theme in Cuban Painting”. Sponsors: Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, Centro de Estudios Martianos, National Council of Plastic Arts. Juror: Julio Du-bouchet, Elsa Vega Dopico. National Museum of Fine Arts. Ciudad Havana. Cuba. 

The Seven Porticoes: Cuban women agree to work on a common project: Show their vision of making their art work known and through this way be heard.  

1998- "Box of Figure”. (Tribute to the poet, Angel Escobar 1957-1997). Organized by: Ana Maria Jimenez, (Angel Escobar's widow), Cintio Vitier, Cesar Lopez, Anton Arrufat, Basilia Papastamatiu, Francisco Lopez Sacha, Marilin Bobes, Carlos Agusto Alfonso, Efrain Rodriguez Santana. Sponsor: Cuban Book Institute. Palace of the II Cape. La Havana Vieja. Havana City. Cuba. 

1998- Salon of Erotic Art. Fayad Jamis. Havana Cuba.

1998- "A Capricho del Pincel". The Acacia Gallery. Havana City. Cuba.

1998- "Stress". Provincial Center of Plastic Arts, Luz y Oficios. Curatorship: Gustavo Valdes Alberto. Havana City. Cuba.

1998- “Evocation” In commemoration of the 270 Anniversary of the Foundation of the University of Havana. Sala Talia. Ciudad Havana. Cuba. 

1997- "Arts Moriendi". Gallery Art 23 and 12. Havana City. Cuba. 

1997- "Wise and/or Profane" Centro de Prensa Internacional. Catalog Edition: Jacqueline Arriaga Fernandez, Lazara Castellanos. Ciudad Habana. Cuba. 

1997- "The Individual and His Memories". Gallery, 10 of October. Havana City. Cuba. 

1997- "The Chosen One". (Tribute to Angel Escobar). Gallery: Open Space. Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana City. Cuba.  

1996- "Collaterals". Tina Modoty Gallery. Catalog Edition: Lic. Debys Alonso. Cultural Complex, Mella. Havana City. Cuba. 

1996- “Seven Porticoes”. Catalog Edition: Antonio Alejo, Ashley L Marmol. Cervando Cabrera Moreno Gallery. Playa. Ciudad Havana. Cuba.

1996- “Seven Porticoes”. Gallery: Cervando Cabrera. Ciudad Havana. Cuba.:  

1995- “From P to P and vice versa “. International Press Center. Ciudad Havana. Cuba. 


2017- “Art & Wellness” (Juried Member Showcase). Spine Gallery. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. NC. Curator: Barbara Cullen. 

2016- “Nuestras Historias”. 2016 Juried Latin Arts Show and Film Contest. Tacoma. 

Washington. (Award Winner). Jurors: Alfredo Arreguin, MFA. JP Avila Associate, MFA and Professor Pacific Lutheran University and Samantha Kelley, MA Tacoma Art Museum. 

2016- CASTONGUAY-APPELBAUM AWARD. Shelter 2016”. Presented by Harlem School of the Arts & The National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) in Conjunction with Violence Transformed. New York. (Award Winner).

2019- “One Mind, Many Dreams”, and (Unity Through Art, Exhibition of cultural narrative). Waterworks Visual Arts Center (Gallery/Museum). Salisbury, N.C.  

1998- "God Raises them". Parish: La Milagrosa. Catalog Edition: Milagros Campos. Thanks: (Padre) J. M. Luzarreta. Santos Suarez. C. Havana. Cuba. 

1998- "The Dwelling of the Imperfect Gods”. Curator: Ariel Ribeaux Diago. Catalog Edition: Lic. Omar Pascual Castillo. Center of Plastic Arts and Design. Havana City. Cuba. 

1996- “Dos”. Art Gallery: Elso Padilla. Catalog Edition: Alfredo Perez Contreras. La Madriguera. Ciudad Havana Cuba. 

1994- "The Yellow Room". Personal exhibition and Degree Thesis. Collateral to the V Biennial of Havana. Art Gallery: San Alejandro. Havana City. Cuba. 


2023- "Old Thoughts" (Back Cover). Article by: Editorial staff of the magazine. Cultural Information Magazine specialized in Plastic Arts, Theatre, Literature, News, "Artepoli".  Vol. XXXVI. Editorial director and editor-in-chief, Angel Alonso Blanco.

2022- "They in me and I in them". Generic self-portrait of Gliser Fuentes. Article written by the director of Artepoli magazine, Angel Alonso Blanco. Vol. XXXV

2020- The Leader-Herald. (Feb 24,2020) MAYFIELD — The Paul Nigra Center for Creative 

Arts is displaying its 2020 Women’s Movement: Art By, About and For Women show until March 31.  

2019- Carolinaarts. Vol.23, No 4 April 2019. 

2019-  WVAC Spring Exhibition: “Unity Through Art”.  Salisbury Post. Published February 14, 

2019- SALISBURY the magazine. September 2019. Waterworks’ Multicultural Fun day. (page 77) 2017- Kresge Foundation Awards $200,000 Grant to Nu Law Lab. 10/10/2017. 

2016- QuéPasa Greensboro/Winston Salem. Punto de Vista-Latino Perspectives V. exhibits works by 15 Hispanic artists in Winston-Salem. Written by HERNANDO RAMÍREZ-SANTOS, September 14, 2016, 2:42 pm.

1996- Magazine: No 5/96 “Revolution and Culture" Article: Open Space. Sept / Oct. Page 62. Director: Elizabeth Diaz. Artistic Director: Rolando de Oraá. 

1996- UNION. Magazine of Literature and Art. Year VIII, No 22 / January-March. Article 

"The Light is born from the wax, the flower from asphalt”. (Martí in the Cuban Plastic Arts) Page 2.  Author: Lic. Rufo Caballero. 

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