1959 Exodus of Cubans.

1960-1962 * Operation Peter Pan.

1965 * Wave of refugees in 1965 from the Cuban port of Camarioca.

1980 *Mariel Boatlift. 

1994 * President Clinton, trying to stop the flow of Cuban rafters, pressured a dozen Latin American governments to provide internment camps that officials hoped would prove less attractive to refugees than the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay , Cuba. Even though the refugees in Guantánamo were held behind barbed wire, for many, the base was better than a foreign internment camp.

1994-1995 * "Wet foot / Dry foot". Those who do not manage to reach the shore (dry land), are returned to Cuba unless they fear that they will be persecuted there.

2017 *President Barack Obama has decided to put an immediate end to the policy of "dry feet, wet feet" by which, for more than 20 years, practically every Cuban who reached US territory could stay in the country.



Many are tempted to flee from the totalitarian Castrist system, but not all those who achieve their dreams of freedom.

Countless families still have hope of finding a son, a husband, a friend, a loved one on their balconies, on their terraces or sitting in one of these chairs that silently and patiently wait to be used by "Those who are not there anymore".